A List of Things I Love: Remembering All There Is To Be Thankful For

Inspired by Lauren Washer, I’m closing out the week of Thanksgiving with a list of things I love. I had too much fun with this…what a beautiful way to remember all there is to be thankful for. 


I love wearing pastels on some days, earthy tones on others. I love when home is a place of rest. I love talking theology. I love kitchen conversations with roommates. I love forgetting to check my phone. I love having friends and mentors who are decades older than me. I love simple, yet elegant jewelry. I love when people who live and think differently than me teach me more about the heart of God. 

I love helping people feel comfortable in a new environment. I love when babies fall asleep on my chest. I love creating space for people to talk about their passions (recent topics include: videography, holistic health, hermeneutics). I love Downton Abbey. I love skiing through fresh powder. I love church history. I love being told that I look like a dancer. 

I love wearing sweaters (during any season, really, but especially the not-summer seasons). I love fields of wildflowers, surrounded by mountains. I love pannekoeken. I love the book of Hebrews. I love the kind of “tired” my muscles feel after many hours of dancing. I love when my friends marry people who become friends. I love making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. 

I love the way my dad’s eyes smile when he laughs at his own jokes. I love that my mom forgets to read my blog posts and then she’s really sad about not reading my blog posts and then she cries once she reads my blog posts and then she texts me to say “Never stop writing.” I love my sister’s fearless approach to life. I love that my brother gets so excited every time a guy asks me out. I love that my parents love me enough to tell me when I’m wrong. 

I love going out of my way to compliment someone who isn’t expecting it. I love when people go out of their way to compliment me when I’m not expecting it. 😉 I love hugs that say “I love you.” I love starting new books. I love words. I love waking up to fresh snow. 

I love when music brings me to tears. I love that my friendship of 22.5 years is still going strong (we’re 23). I love that a lifetime isn’t long enough to uncover all the truths and beauty of Scripture. I love telling stories to make people laugh. I love a good podcast. I love the sound of acoustic guitars. I love laughing so hard my face hurts. 

I love the few minutes before I fall asleeptime to think and process and pray without feeling like I should be doing something “more productive.” I love making tea from wild rosehips. I love that my coworkers call me “Sammarly” because I’m basically the living, breathing grammar and spell check. 

I love that the body of Christ connects me to family across the globe. I love having hope that is dependent on none but the Lord. I love that the Bible tells one big story of redemption. I love going to church every Sunday, where Bob gives me the biggest hug and Fitz reminds me, “Your work as an Executive Assistantthat’s ministry!” I love hearing about all that God is teaching my mentors and friends. 

I love developing an eye for beauty. I love when God answers oddly specific prayers as if to remind me that he hears the “unanswered” prayers, too. I love to rest after working hard. I love going to bed early and waking up early. I love the quietness of the early morning hours. I love how it feels to release words onto a page. 


Thank you, Lord, for creating so many people and things to love. May these gifts always point me to You, the Giver of all that is good. 

And help me to see You as the ultimate gift. 

I love You, Lord.

Samantha fell in love with the Bible's storyline of redemption as a 19-year-old college freshman. Now, she writes to help women deepen their faith and find hope through this story. She loves following winding mountain trails, curling up with a good book, and laughing so hard her face hurts. :)

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